The other day, a friend inquired about what we do here. Surprisingly, normally a reserved person, I went off rattling a blue streak. I understood at that moment that this is a passion for me: to enable businesses to have far greater success than they are currently experiencing. That’s a very bold statement; but if I could only convey to you a small part of what I feel about all of this, you would understand what I’m saying. Simply stated, I don’t know of any business—or even non-profit—that wouldn’t benefit from the principles that we’re about to go over here.
As you may have read elsewhere here at this site, marketing is not advertising. It is the art—and science—of matching your skills to your marketplace. Of understanding who exactly is that precise customer who can’t find enough of your product. And then can’t wait to tell his friends about it. One of the first concepts that must be broken is that we can be all things to all people. By not chasing such a large group, you are free to live in your strengths—and benefit your clients from them.
Marketing, then, is the roadmap. And advertising, the vehicle. And the best way to get to where you want to go is understanding how to get there.
The principles are simply and quickly gained. And will be highly, and permanently valuable to you. Again, I can’t encourage you enough to participate.

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