Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the course still being run? I notice you have nothing scheduled.

Yes, it is. But, you may note that we’ve not actively done the course in some time. As one of many things we do at Chinnici Consulting, it is not our full time “gig”. However, we value it highly, and it is prepared and waiting in the wings. If you or your organization has an interest in the running of this seminar, please give us a contact.

What is the format of this seminar? How many sections?

The seminar will be approximately one and a half to two hours each one, each successive week. It will run for fourteen weeks. After this time, we will have an interim couple of weeks, after which, we’ll start again.

Must I attend the full schedule?

No, the course is designed to attend as few or as many as you like. We have listed the schedule of material covered so that you may choose which one(s) you’d like to attend. That being said, we highly recommend not missing the first one. Not only does this foundationally set up the rest of it, but by itself may be the best content of all.

There are significant discounts to signing up for all modules.

What will the courses be composed of?

The format for this course will be roughly in three sections: The first portion will be educational, taught by some of the brightest marketing minds in the country. After this, there will be a period of discussion and questions. Optionally, but encouraged, for those who would like to participate the third portion will be an active and collaborative working on your respective projects — the combined wisdom of the group helping each participant to best structure your own marketing challenges and goals.

In the end, what will I expect to get out of this?

When this course is over, you will see—and understand—marketing in a new light: You will no longer understand promoting as simply an advertising mission, but will understand all things marketing (including advertising) in a complete overview and strategic manner. You will be able to know who is your target market, and how to more effectively target this group. Any advertising dollars spent after this will be in a very efficient manner. In the end, you will: 

    • Understand who is your target market (and why this is important to know).
    • Form your “brand” so that you may best reach them — and understand the best techniques to do so.
    • Know what areas of your own performance are most important to focus on (to best reach your target).
    • Know what business segments might be the most lucrative at this time.
    • Understand what Internet focuses and ventures will be the most profitable.
What if I don't find value in your offering?

There is a full money-back, unconditional guarantee. If, at the end of any module, you don’t feel that you have gotten value, you may choose that module to be your last, and may request a full refund.

(This has never happened; but give you the option simply to increase your comfort level.)

Will you provide any discounts?

Besides the significant full-course discount, we are planning on providing a “social media” discount (through Facebook and Twitter). We highly encourage you to seek these out, and to share them with your friends and colleagues.

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