Ever wish your business had a professional marketing plan like the major successful companies — Apple, Disney, McDonalds, Nike? One that is a coordinated and targeted pursuit of your best and most lucrative customers? Then this clinic is for you. And all this is now completely within your grasp.
The principles taught in this course are professional, high-level and cutting edge strategies — the most current principles and understandings, taught by some of the top marketing minds in the country.
When we are finished, you will see the world in a whole new light, understanding what it takes to market as professionals; and having the plan to match.


We’ll be hosting this course & clinic weekly, over approximately fourteen weeks. You may attend as many or as few as you like. Syllabus is linked at the top.
The format will be teaching of the overall principals, followed by any discussion & questions; then followed by a time of working on our own respective projects, with the benefit of collaborative input from others.


Marketing is not advertising. Advertising is this website. Marketing is that it’s being read by you. To be sure, there is overlap. But marketing is about finding your company strengths; then, based on this knowledge, choosing and successfully pursuing your most lucrative target segment — that which is most likely to generate long term, high lifetime client value: repeat sales, high client satisfaction, referrals, and more. When you know your strengths relative to your competition then, in your advertising, no one can ever touch you.
We want to bring all this discussion to local businesses, and will be covering a host of subjects, including branding, client-centric focus, and go-to-market strategies. Come, and develop your marketing plan!

Who can benefit?


  • Small companies seeking to create a successful marketing plan — learn the basic principals, and create a targeted, professional plan.
  • Large companies, with marketing departments — learn additional timely principals, and develop a more coordinated, successful course.
  • Ad Agencies — gain some tips and learn how to create comprehensive, overall strategies for your clients.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a business — discover which market segments will give you the highest chance of product success.
  • Web-based businesses — learn some go-to market strategies that will significantly enhance the work you do.
  • Others.
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